five for five, so make it good.

Sometimes the thing that is hardest about swaps is parting with your clothes. You want to make sure you bring enough so you can bring more than you take, but you may not want to separate from that many items. Luckily, for this swap, you only have to bring FIVE items! In turn, this means you will only take home five items, but they will be special five items. You will not be bringing home any t-shirts or sweaters with holes in it that you may wear sometime around the house. Instead it will be a fun party dress, vintage blouse, great pair of denim, or new shoes.

When you are choosing your items, give it some thought. If everyone really looks at their closet and sees something they haven’t worn for months or even the past year, consider swapping it! Is it something special you are keeping for the right occasion, but the occasion still hasn’t come? Maybe someone else has the right occasion right around the corner. If everyone take the time to pick five really great items, the better everyone’s chance of finding the perfect items.

So the moral of the story is, make a little room in your closet by getting rid of nice items you currently own but don’t wear. You can now pass them along to someone who will get lots of use out of them and in return, take home five new cool items to fill that little space you just made in your closet. Now you lose the guilt and gain five items that work with your wardrobe and get new outfits and more wear out of the things you already own.

But if picking your five items inspires you to clean out all of your closets, you can still bring all those bags to your nearest Goodwill donation center. They are always in need of donations and especially during the holiday season. Goodwill always needs your help to keep their programs going!

After folding my laundry the other day, here are a few potential items i found I may be swapping (but i still have the rest of the closet to go through!) What do you think?

buy your tickets here!



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2 responses to “five for five, so make it good.

  1. i think i want all of those things. i will have to dig out my 5!

  2. Ambre

    Holy moly, that mustard dress is the best thing ever!

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