What kind of stuff should I bring to the Holiday Swap Soiree?

Ok, so you’re only bringing five items to the Holiday Swap Soiree (have you bought your tickets yet?!). That means you really need to make them count. We need a strong pool of awesome stuff if everyone’s going to walk away with some sweet finds! What kind of items should you bring? Here are a couple of examples:

Cool bags and accessories. I love this vintage Dooney and Bourke bag, but I have one exactly like it in black that I wear all the time. Do I need two? Nope. Vintage goodies. This vintage plaid Pendleton shift dress (picked up at last fall’s swap!) is pretty great. But… sadly it is a little too big, and if I haven’t had it tailored in the past year I probably never will. So – to the swap! Sweater weather. Hey guys, it’s time to break out those sweaters. This gray sweater is super cozy, but it just looks a little off on me. Maybe it will look good on you? Barely used and worth a chance. This little H&M skirt would look adorable on someone (that’s not me). Let’s just say I have a little too much junk in the trunk to pull this one off. Someone needs this! Baby it’s cold outside. Um, the temps dropped and it’s time to bundle up. Some badass lady will look pretty amazing in this vintage leather jacket. You know who you are.

Come take my clothes guys, and have some snacks and a drink while you’re at it. Buy your tickets before they sell out! Seeya December 5 :)

sweeter salt


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3 responses to “What kind of stuff should I bring to the Holiday Swap Soiree?

  1. Can’t wait! Love that pendleton dress….

  2. gretarybusphotography

    Can’t wait! Love that pendleton dress…

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