Q: What is a clothing swap?

A: A clothing swap is basically just a big party where you bring all your awesome clothes that don’t fit you or that you’ve become tired of, and swap them with other people who have better fitting clothes that fill you with excitement.  Because our clothing swap is city-wide, you’ll have the chance to paw through the cast offs of all the best dressed boys & girls in Portland, and bring home an adorable SWAPmaine tote bag full of your haul.

Q: How much can I take?
A: Good swap etiquette is to never take more than you bring. We will also be providing stylish totes for people to bring home their finds, that are an appropriate size.

Q: What kind of items should I donate?
A: We’re looking for all kinds of clothing from casual to formal. If it’s clean and in good condition, we’ll take it. We also love shoes, accessories, and jewelry, so please don’t leave those out!

Q: Will you take men’s clothing too?
A: Yes! Any clean, un-damaged men’s clothing will be accepted. No socks or underwear please.

Q:What about kid’s clothing?
A: No, unfortunately we can’t accommodate kids clothing.

Q: Will you take home goods as well as clothing?
A: Because we want to leave room for all of the amazing clothes, at this time we are not taking home goods.

Q: How can my business sponsor/get involved with the swap?
A: If you are a clothing store with overstock or items that aren’t selling, we’d love to take them off your hands! We are also looking for pins, stickers, coupons, and other fun things to put in goodie bags for our first customers. Contact us at swapmaine@gmail.com if you want to become a sponsor.

Q: What if I don’t have anything to donate but I still want to swap?
A: The goal of the swap is to bring something old to swap for something new to you. We also encourage swappers to give more than they take, as this is also a donation drive for Goodwill. However, you can still come to the swap if you forget your bag of clothes – the admission prices is $10.

Q: How does this benefit Goodwill?
A: We are charging admission to the swap (unless you drop off your donation in advance),  and all proceeds will be donated directly to Goodwill of Northern New England. They will also be receiving all left over clothing as a donation to their stores at the end of the swap. Additionally, swapping is yet another great way to help Goodwill promote their mission of sustainability.

17 responses to “FAQ

  1. Jessica

    Hi there,

    Will there be a dressing room to try on clothes? Also, if there is a large amount of people, will there be a waiting line outside to get in?

    Thank you!
    Warm Regards,

    • Hi there! There won’t exactly be a dressing room – but there will be a bathroom which you can use to try things on. There are several full length mirrors, so for ease and convenience we suggest trying things on (over your clothes) there as much as possible. Thanks!

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  3. alysia farrington

    I plan on coming from Augusta for the SWAP! I have some great clothes to swap but I really don”t want to drive 2 hours (back and forth) for the drop off times. I also am not concerned about the free entry so can I bring them with me before the SWAP starts and give them to you…I will be there very early to stand in line to get in…so excited for this!!!

  4. alysia farrington

    Sorry another question..is it from 10-to 4 or 11-4? it states two different times in two different spots…thanks!

  5. Jess

    Hi! I’m so bummed I missed your first swap… Has another date already been planned? I’m now a FB fan, so will be sure not to miss any events in the future…

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  7. Amber

    Are we talking a whole trash bag?

  8. Kelsey

    Any idea when the next swap will be? So excited!

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  10. Katie

    What’s the appropriate size bag? Is a duffle bag ok? And do you take teen clothing?

  11. Michelle

    I’m a fashion forward plus sized lady, I’ve got lots of gorgeous clothes that I’d love to swap. Are there typically other plus sized clothes in the swap?

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