The Most Frequently Asked Questions…Answered!

Unsure of how this whole clothing swap thing goes? Here’s some answers!
Can I show up anytime to swap?
Absolutely! Swapping goes until 1pm and we definitely add clothes throughout the day, as they are dropped off. Anytime you show up with a bag on Saturday, you only pay $5.

If I drop off early, do I get an early start at swapping too?
Alas, no. To be fair, we open the doors to everyone at the same time. And no pushing!

It’s almost summer, but can I bring sweaters?
Yes. But do keep in mind the types of things you’ll want to be shopping for at the swap. It’s 90 degrees out so sundresses and shorts are definitely more preferably than a stack of wool sweaters and pants!

What if I show up with a bag and pay but don’t see anything I like?
First of all – highly unlikely! But if that does happen, please know that your $5 donation and your clothing donation go directly to Goodwill and to a great cause. And trust us – you’ll find something.

Can I try on clothes there?
Sure can! We will have some mirrors but no dressing rooms. We recommend wearing leggings and a tank so you can easily try on dresses or skirts over your clothes. 

I am not willing to part with any clothes but I’d love to come. Can I still swap?
Yes! Pay a $10 fee and you’re admitted to the swap!

If I show up after noon, will there still be clothes?
Yes, but of course there will be less options than at the start. But it will also be less busy so it’s easier to take your time perusing. Potato, potahto.

Have any other questions for us? Send us a tweet to @SWAPmaine! 

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6 Tips for Your Most Successful Swap

1. Have a mental list (or even one on paper) of the items you need to complete your wardrobe. For example: a white oxford or a black pencil skirt or maybe it’s a sequined body con dress..

2. Be open minded. Missing a button, add a cool vintage one. A little too big? Take it in. A new trend you are dying to try? Just do it!

3. Don’t take something you know you will never wear. Yes, it is important to take risks, but if you know it won’t fit or you will never actual leave your house in it, leave it for someone else who may have been searching high and low for it.

4. Donate. ‘Cause it feels so good.

5. Don’t take more than you give. Remember, it is for charity.

6. Bring a friend. A good, second opinion can make making decisions quick and easy.

Imagefun, tropical outfit made from swapmaine finds!


cant wait to see everyone at the swap!


sweet william



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What should I bring to SWAPmaine?

Now that’s a pile of clothes… and I’m not even done yet.


For this swap, I’ve decided to be pretty ruthless. If I haven’t worn it in a few years – to the swap! If I like it, but it just doesn’t fit that well – to the swap! If it’s cute, but it would probably look cuter on another lady – to the swap! Yes, I’m parting with some good stuff, but i just keep thinking of all the great new things I’ll be adding to my closet.

What are some things you should bring to SWAPmaine on June 29 (details here)? 

  • Men’s and women’s clean, quality, clothing in good condition.
  • Vintage clothing, in good condition.
  • Shoes, also in good condition.
  • Jewelry, bags, and accessories, you guessed it, in good condition.

What are some things you shouldn’t bring to the swap?

  • Underwear
  • Bathing suits
  • Pajamas
  • Kid’s clothing
  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories with holes, stains, pilling, excessive wear, or other damage.
  • Dumpy old stuff. Leave the old, over-sized t-shirts and sweatshirts at home, we’re all trying to look cute this summer!

See you there, ladies and gentlemen!

Laura D.
sweeter salt

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SwapMaine Details Announced!

SwapMaine’s fifth ever swapping event will take place on June 29th at East End School (195 North Street)
Swapping will run from 10 a.m – 1 p.m.


To get in for free…
On Friday, June 28th at the East End School from 4pm – 6pm we will be accepting early drop off’s in order to receive FREE ADMISSION into the swap! Just come drop off your bag and you’ll receive one ticket for free entry.

To get in for $5….
Show up the day of the swap on Saturday, June 29th. Doors open at 9 a.m. for donation drop offs. If you donate a bag the day of the event at any time, it is a $5 entry fee.

To get in for $10….
Want to fill up a bag but don’t have any clothes to donate? You can swap til you drop with a $10 entry fee any time you show up during swap hours!

For those of you that show up the morning of the swap for early drop offs, food and coffee will be provided in the waiting area!

More details to be announced later this week!


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SAVE THE DATE! Our next SWAP Maine is Saturday, June 29th at East End School, sponsored by MaineToday with our partner Goodwill Industries of Northern New England! Start cleaning out those closets everyone! And tell your friends!!! It’s time to SWAP IT LIKE ITS HOT.
We’ll have more information soon!

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Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the Swap Soiree last week! We had such a great time, and everyone in attendance really seemed to have a ball! Thanks also to Amy Paradysz for writing a great article in the Press Herald! Read the article here, and check out a couple of the photos below.

Stay tuned for more swapping goodness this spring ;)

courtesy of the Portland Press Herald

courtesy of the Portland Press Herald

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Free Day Passes to The Regency!!!

TOMORROW NIGHT is our first ever Holiday SWAPMAINE Soiree! The first 20 people that show up who have pre-purchased their tickets will be receiving FREE DAY PASSES to The Portland Regency Hotel & Spa (a $30 value). Um, AWESOME. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, click here.


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