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Sneak Peek: Vintage Jewelry in the Holiday Boutique

As part of this year’s Holiday Swap Soiree, we will be featuring a curated holiday boutique so you can pick up some jewelry, pashminas, purses and other accessories for holiday gifts (or perhaps to ahem, complement the perfect swap outfit you just scored?)

Goodwill has been gathering dozens of vintage pieces the last few months and we think you will be pretty excited by the selection. Below are just a few of the gems (get it?) that you can check out at the swap on December 5 – by the way, be sure to get your tickets today!

Holiday Swap Soiree – Boutique Preview

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So hard to say goodbye…

I have this secret closet cleaning ninja trick that I use to help me determine what needs to go. It’s called DON’T DO YOUR LAUNDRY FOR LIKE A MONTH. But it’s pretty secret, so try to keep it on the downlow.

Basically, I don’t do my laundry for like a month (I have a king’s ransom in socks and underwear), and I evaluate what is left in my closet at the end of the period. And you know what? My closet is still ALWAYS FULL. As it turns out, I would rather wear a few marginally clean items that I love, than the majority of what I own.

But then comes the tricky part.

When I look in my closet, I see possibilities: “I can wear that again when I lose 10 lbs.”  or  “Maybe I just need to find the right top for that skirt.”  Even though I haven’t worn these clothes in months, I have such a hard time getting rid of them, because I can imagine how amazing my life could be if I could just figure out how to make them look good on me. I’ve had these clothes for so long that I’ve grown emotionally attached to them, even though they don’t fit me/look good/work with my wardrobe AT ALL. In short, my overzealous wardrobe optimism is becoming dangerously detrimental to my closet space.

Well, the swap is less than 2 weeks away, and it’s time to force myself to let go.  It will be painful. Blood and tears could potentially be shed… But, it’s necessary for my personal growth. Oh, and to make room for all my new swap swag.  Here is what you can get out of it:

1. The hot pink hooker heels that I wore to my ill fated wedding in 2007.

2. A puffy floral skirt that will never be work appropriate, no matter how much I want it to be.

3. Why do I keep buying peasant blouses and dresses?

4. More Rogues Gallery stuff that I never wear. I worked there 4 years ago, I was never a T-shirt person anyway. It’s over.

5. The polka dot cha-cha skirt that only looks good on me when I don’t eat for 3 days.

6. “My neck is too fat for these” necklace assortment.

7. “It’s been 3 years and 30 lbs, and the skinny clothes box is still untouched. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the whole damn thing” bundle.


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Why Goodwill Loves to Swap

Rainy day greetings! Goodwill is beyond excited to participate in the first SWAPmaine event. We have hosted swaps in Portsmouth, NH, but this is the first Portland gig – and this is our home city, so we could not be more excited.

Many of the Portland bloggers who are organizing SWAPmaine write us amazing blog posts about fashion finds, repurposing tips and how to find great deals at Goodwill. We could not do all that we do without our “Goodwill” ambassadors and our shoppers and donors.

We love that we can help people get great deals, find vintage wear and stock their wardrobe with affordable fashion. But did you also know that when you purchase that 1950s’ blouse or almost-new wool Banana Republic pants, you also fund our programs in Maine that help people get back to work and be independent? Here is a snapshot of what your purchases and donations support:

Brain Injury Services

Goodwill has two community-based rehab clinics in Portland and Lewiston that work with people who have acquired brain injuries. We offer a variety of services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, therapeutic recreation and other services to assist individuals in the redevelopment of physical mobility, memory, self-care, communication and other skills required for daily living.

Workforce Solutions

Goodwill has locations and programs throughout the state that help people get back to work. We offer help with resumes and cover letters, offer training opportunities and work with individuals one on one to help them find the job they want.

Community Support Services and Residential Services

Goodwill operates 23 residences for individuals with disabilities and we also offer multiple community programs for individuals with disabilities and who are deaf or hard of hearing. We work with people so that they participate in their local communities and live independently as possible.

And there’s more! Please visit our website to see all we do – thanks for your continued support!

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