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Announcing Our First Ever SwapMaine Holiday Soiree!

We decided to mix things up a bit for our fourth SwapMaine event with a HOLIDAY SWAP SOIREE. Grab your best girlfriends and join us for a night of hors d’oeuvres, drinks and one giant well-curated closet.

Rather than clean out your closet and fill a bag, we’re asking you to bring FIVE PIECES of items that deserve a loving home. The wool peacoat you outgrew, that leather hobo bag you’ve been hanging onto for too long. We’re not looking for piles of t-shirts this time around, but really wonderful pieces you yourself would be happy to receive. In return, all swappers will only leave with five items.

WHEN? December 5th

Doors open at 6 p.m. for clothes to be dropped off and swapping begins promptly at 7p.m. Come early and peruse our curated holiday boutique that will feature vintage jewelry and accessories (great chance to pick up gifts for friends and family) and have a cocktail at our cash bar while enjoying free hors d’oeuvres.

WHERE? Mariner’s Church Banquet Hall in Portland (368 Fore Street, third floor)

WHY? All proceeds will go to benefit Goodwill Industries of New England.

Tickets are $20 each. Though we aren’t ever going to stop offering free clothing swaps in town, we wanted to do something special for everyone during the holiday season.

So in case you need more convincing, here’s what you’ll get with your $20 ticket:

– Five new items for your closet
-The opportunity to shop exclusive items donated from local boutiques
– Snacks!
– Photos of you and your friends by the talented Corey Templeton
– A less chaotic swap – feel free to take your time shopping and trying items on!
– A donation to a wonderful local cause

If you’re convinced, buy your tickets here. Hurry, space is limited!


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The next SWAPMaine is upon us! We’ll be hosting our very first Swap Soiree! What does that mean? It means a smaller selection of curated beautiful clothes, cocktails, snacks and festive attire! It’s a night you won’t want to miss, ladies! We’ll be disclosing more details this week. Stay tuned and spread the word. 

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Finders Keepers.

The beauty in a city-wide clothing swap is the local sustainability it creates. I love when I see something brought to SWAPmaine being worn by someone new. A few weeks later, I see it the window of one of our many thrift stores. It comes back around to the next SWAPmaine and a few months later, is being sold at Goodwill. At SWAPmaine, we let you clear out the things in your closet that are taking up very important space and let you ‘shop’ for new things to fill that space. We help people who may not be able to go out and afford a new wardrobe right now, but also make fashion fun for those who like to try new things and continuously change and mold their wardrobes. We can do all this without having to produce new clothing and help support our local economy. 

With all this being said, there are those items that even though they were free, you just can’t seem to let go of. Here are a few of my favorite finds from SWAPmaine’s past:



A few things I have yet to wear (oh, but I will) and a few I have worn many many times. I can’t wait to see what I will find on Sunday. I know there will be things I only wear once and send on their way, but hopefully I will find at least one thing I want to hold on to.

What are some of your favorite SWAPmaine finds from the past??



sweet william

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Thank You to our Food & Drink Sponsors!

The team at SWAPmaine is very grateful for the support we have received from local businesses and organizations. Without their help, we could not put on these swaps.  Thank you to the following sponsors who are providing food and beverages for our pre-swap event.  While our volunteers are sorting your clothes for swapping, you can enjoy the following from:

13th Cookie

13th Cookie probably makes the best cookies in town. They are “committed to making the most delicious, delectable, palatable, ambrosial sweet joyness imaginable and making it available to everyone, despite desired or necessary dietary alterations.” And they do just that! 13th Cookie is providing us samples of their many delicious offerings for the  pre-swap event.

You can find 13th Cookie at a number of locations in Maine, including Mornings in Paris, Home Grown Tea and Lois’ Natural Market.13th COOKIE kitchen.

Coffee By Design (CBD)

Coffee By Design has been kind enough to provide coffee for our pre-swap event. Their mission is to ” educate you about specialty coffee; to provide you with superior quality coffee beans, beverages, and food products; and to fulfill our commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.” On top of that, CBD is a frequent contributor and sponsor of many local events and organizations. They are a terrific community partner – and roast outstanding coffee, to boot!

Katie Made Bakery

Get ready! Katie Made has generously donated muffins for our pre-swap event. Tucked away on Cumberland Avenue, Katie’s bakery is gem. They make desserts for special events and area restaurants and now offer lunch Tuesday-Saturday. We encourage you to stop by and try one of their delicious “Jenny Made” sandwiches!

Local Sprouts Cooperative

Local Sprouts provides people in Maine with creative, local and organic food and holistic learning through cooking food for our comunnity. Their cafe on Congress Street offers an amazing selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. They also offer catering services and learning opportunities.

Local Sprouts has donated delicious coffee cakes for our pre-swap event!

Poland Spring

Poland Spring had generously donated cases of water to keep our swappers well hydrated in the intense workout that is clothes swapping. Poland Spring offers natural spring water and Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

Stonyfield Cafe

Located in Falmouth, Stonyfield Cafe offers organics sandwiches and soups for lunch and dinner. I also hear their brunch on Sunday mornings is quite amazing! Stonyfield is an “environmentally committed organic and natural quick serve restaurant created by two pioneering companies in the world of healthy food for a healthy planet: Stonyfield Farm and O’Naturals. Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield’s CE-Yo is the founder of O’Naturals.

Stonyfield will be providing a spread of food for the pre-swap event!

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So hard to say goodbye…

I have this secret closet cleaning ninja trick that I use to help me determine what needs to go. It’s called DON’T DO YOUR LAUNDRY FOR LIKE A MONTH. But it’s pretty secret, so try to keep it on the downlow.

Basically, I don’t do my laundry for like a month (I have a king’s ransom in socks and underwear), and I evaluate what is left in my closet at the end of the period. And you know what? My closet is still ALWAYS FULL. As it turns out, I would rather wear a few marginally clean items that I love, than the majority of what I own.

But then comes the tricky part.

When I look in my closet, I see possibilities: “I can wear that again when I lose 10 lbs.”  or  “Maybe I just need to find the right top for that skirt.”  Even though I haven’t worn these clothes in months, I have such a hard time getting rid of them, because I can imagine how amazing my life could be if I could just figure out how to make them look good on me. I’ve had these clothes for so long that I’ve grown emotionally attached to them, even though they don’t fit me/look good/work with my wardrobe AT ALL. In short, my overzealous wardrobe optimism is becoming dangerously detrimental to my closet space.

Well, the swap is less than 2 weeks away, and it’s time to force myself to let go.  It will be painful. Blood and tears could potentially be shed… But, it’s necessary for my personal growth. Oh, and to make room for all my new swap swag.  Here is what you can get out of it:

1. The hot pink hooker heels that I wore to my ill fated wedding in 2007.

2. A puffy floral skirt that will never be work appropriate, no matter how much I want it to be.

3. Why do I keep buying peasant blouses and dresses?

4. More Rogues Gallery stuff that I never wear. I worked there 4 years ago, I was never a T-shirt person anyway. It’s over.

5. The polka dot cha-cha skirt that only looks good on me when I don’t eat for 3 days.

6. “My neck is too fat for these” necklace assortment.

7. “It’s been 3 years and 30 lbs, and the skinny clothes box is still untouched. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the whole damn thing” bundle.


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Winner winner chicken dinner.

I just wanted to take a minute to send out a huge congratulations to our fellow SWAPmaine team member Fore Front Fashion for their big win tonight as BEST BLOG  in the Portland Phoenix “Best of 2011” poll!

This town has long needed someone to document our unique fashion scene, and Nate and Laura have taken on the task with their own special edge and eye that makes Fore Front such a standout.

We can’t get enough of the street fashion and the closet tours, and it’s good to know that the rest of Portland shares in the love.

We’re so proud of you Laura! Having you on the team makes us feel a little bit like we won tonight too.

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